Inspire creativity, ignite imagination and entice self-expression with Be Blocks.

These 100% natural, smooth bamboo blocks become a work of art when embellished with your creative touch. You’ll find innovative design suggestions in our Be Blocks Idea booklet. Then, make each block your own with our colorful non-toxic Be Blocks markers. Be playful, be free, be creative and be yourself. You can even adorn the heirloom Be Blocks storage box. Drawings, designs, ABCs or 123s, it’s up to you.

Be Blocks are perfect for:
Baby showers
Birthday parties
Play dates
Gift for artists, architects or designers
Anyone who wants to express their creativity

Everything you need to design your own blocks:
- 18, 2” x 2” 100% natural bamboo Be Blocks
- 8 colorful tipped non-toxic Be Blocks markers
- 100+ Be Blocks stencils
- Be Blocks idea booklet
- 100% natural bamboo heirloom Be Blocks storage box